Hydroxylamine Sulphate
Hydroxylamine Sulphate

Hydroxylamine Sulphate


Chemical Formula (NH2OH)2-H2SO4
HX Concentration 190-205 gm./Lit.
Ammonium Sulphate 400-440 gm./Lit.
Acid Ratio 1.15-1.20
pH less than 1.0
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  • The major use is in its reaction with organic compounds to produce derivatives such as Oximes which may be intermediates in the production of materials such as Nylon-6. The oximes may also be used as anti-oxidants, stabilizers and anti-skinning agents in inks and paints.
  • As reducing agents in photographic processes, dyeing, synthetic fibres and purification of a number of water-soluble products.

High density polyethylene Carboys.

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