Rhizobium Culture
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Agro Products / Bio-Fertilizers / Rhizobium Culture

Rhizobium Culture

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  The Rhizobium culture strains are antigenically very selective and require particular host or nodulation. The surface antigen on the Rhizobial cells recognizes the binding sites (specific root exudates) on the roots of the leguminous plants. This characteristic makes them host-specific. Specific Rhizobial cell can penetrate the roots of the specific leguminous plants only and form nodules. They multiply within the nodule using the carbon source from the plant and in turn fix part of the atmospheric nitrogen to the plant.

GSFC is producing different Rhizobium cultures for the different leguminous crops as under: s Groundnut, Gram, Pigeonpea, Beans, Cowpea, Urad, Mung, Pea, Soybean, Lucerne etc.

Each Rhizobium culture is useful only for the crop mentioned on the packet. This culture should be applied by seed treatment only.
Advantages of Biofertilizers in general Advantages
The effective strain used in Sardar Rhizobium culture increases the healthy nodulation and thereby nitrogen fixation (about 40 to 50 kg. per hactare).
About 10 to 15% increase of crop yield can be achieved with the use of this culture.
The residues of pulses (legume crops) left in the soil after harvesting the crop are also advantageous to the subsequent crops to be sown.
Dose Dose
•  Seed Treatment (for One Acre) : 250 Gms. / 10 Kg. Seeds
•  Seedling Treatment (for One Acre) : 250 Gms.
Packing Packing
  250 Gms.

N. B.: In addition the same quantity of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria are also recommended.
Rhizobium Culture
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