Polymethyl Methacrylate
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Industrial Products / Other Products / Polymethyl Methacrylate (Sheet) GUJPOL-S (PMMA)

Polymethyl Methacrylate (Sheet) GUJPOL-S (PMMA)

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  GUJPOL-S is the trade name of Acrylic sheets manufactured by GSFC. GUJPOL-S sheets are manufactured from virgin MMA by cell casting process the best optical properties among all transparent plastics. GUJPOL-S has an excellent resistance to the effect of long exposure to sunlight, heat and weather
Specifications Specifications
Typical Average Properties of GUJPOL-S (3 mm thick clear transparent sheet)  
Properties Method (ASTM) Value 
Specific Gravity D-792-64T 1.18-1.20
Light Transmittance total  D-1003-61 92%
Refractive index nD D-542 1.49
Tensile strength at rupture D-638-64T 570-760 kg/cm2
Elongation at rupture D-638-64T 2-7 %
Compressive strength at yield D-695-63T 1260 kg/cm2
Impact strength (charpy unnotched) D-256-56  16 - 20 kg/cm2 
Izod milled notched D-256-56 1.6-2.2kg-cm/cm
Rockwell hardness  D-785-62 M 100
Heat forming temperature   140-180C
Heat distortion temp 2C/min. at 264 p.s.i. D-648-56 100C
Maximum recommended continuous service temperature   85C 
Volume resistivity D-257-61 >1015 ohm-cm
Burning rate (flammability) D-635-63 30 mm/min
Water absorption D-570-63 0.3%
Residual monomer  (Wt %)   2.0 max.
*The specifications are indicative; and change as per the thickness of sheet.
Applications Applications
  .  Light fitting and fixtures
.  Street light covers
.  Sanitary articles
.  Sigh-boards and novelties
.  Helicopter canopies and other defence items
 The outstanding features of Gujpol-S sheets are
Light in weight; It has only half the weight of glass.
Weather resistance; Longer period of resistance to sunlight and other weather conditions.
Light absorption; Minimum in clear transparent sheets.
Wide range; Transparent, translucent and opaque colours.
High surface gloss.
Easy formability and machinability.
Low thermal conductivity; Almost equivalent to phenolics and only one sixth that of glass.
Resistance to a wide range of chemicals insoluble in most inorganic chemicals but dissolves in ketones, esters, aromatic hydro carbons, chlorinated solvent etc.
Packing Packing
  GUJPOL-S well masked with craft paper on both side and packed in standard packing in thick corrugated paper and bundled with straps
Polymethyl Methacrylate (Sheet) GUJPOL-S (PMMA)
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