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Industrial Products / Other Products / Methacrylic Acid - MAA (Gujmet)

Methacrylic Acid - MAA (Gujmet)

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  GUJMET (Methacrylic Acid) a colourless liquid with a pungent odour. A highly corrosive acid which can cause serious burns of the skin and eyes.
Specifications Specifications
Chemical Formula CH2=C(CH3)COOH
Molecular Weight 86.1
Colour (APHA) 30 Max
Specific gravity at 20oC 1.012--1.018
Purity (by titration) 99.0 Min.
Water (by Karl Fisher) % 0.3% Max.
Freezing Point(760 mm Hg) 14C
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) 160C with slight polymerziation
Refractive index (nd 20) 1.4288
Inhibitor HQ/MeHQ 100+/- 25 / 250+/- 50 ppm
Applications Applications
. Textile Processing - Sizing
. Leather technology - Binder, tanning agent
. Ion-exchange resins - Water treatment
. Cosmetics - Thickening agent, Suspending agent.
. Oil-well Drilling - Drilling-mud additive, anti-caking agent.
. Industrial-waste treatments - Suspending agent, flocculating agent.
. Paper Industry - Filler-retention aid.
. Transportation - Skid-proof tyres.
. Rubber technology - Creaming of latex.
. Agriculture - Soil conditioners.
. Others - Coating, adhesive.
Packing Packing
  200 kg. HM-HDPE barrels
Methacrylic Acid - MAA (Gujmet)
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