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Human Resources

  The company’s HR cell was set up in 1965 with the objectives of raising facilities for development and enhancing technological skills. This facet of GSFC looks into 3 primary areas namely training, employee welfare and employee growth programme.
Training Training
  Imparting technical skills
Having    established     training     centres,     these     are fully-equipped with modern equipments like Computerised Triangle Simulator and a comprehensive array of supplementary aids.

GSFC expert operators educate the participant about various equipments. Behavioural sciences and skill improvement seminars are offered to all.

Over the years, GSFC has imparted its technical skills to participants from leading educational and corporate organizations in India and abroad. The company also provides consultancy services to corporate bodies wishing to set up similar operations abroad.
Full-fledged Library Full-fledged Library
  Providing informative materials
GSFC believes in continuous development of Employees and their competency through Knowledge Based Centre in the form of Central Library. The Library collection comprises of Reference Tools like Encyclopedias, Hand Books, Dictionaries, Directories besides Technical and Non-Technical Books. The Library has collection of CHEMICAL ABSTRACT since from beginning i.e. 1904 till 2000 with Collective Index, Bound Journals and also having Annual / Life Membership of about 50 Professional Institutions and Associations. The Library also provides various information required by the Users viz. Commodity pricing, fertilizers related information etc..

We have adopted the concept of virtual library through which the Users can browse digital information right from their Computer through WEB enabled Library Automation Software.

BOOKS About 15900
(Including - SRI Reports Encyclopedias, Handbooks etc..)
Standards (Indian / Overseas) 7900
Bound Journals (Back issues) 8400
Journals Subscribed 90
Employee Welfare Employee Welfare
  Catering to the well-being of employees
GSFC provides an extensive and liberal range of amenities to its employees. This perhaps is the reason why its employees turnover rate is only 1.5%.

In Fertilizer Township – A Township created exclusively for GSFC employees, the company has built over 1000 houses within the complex. Well-equipped hospital and school ensure a well-rounded development of GSFC’s employees children.

To foster greater understanding between employees, GSFC actively encourages various social events, gatherings and activities. Sports, entertainment… all have an important role to play. These form a vital bedrock to even more schemes that cater to the economic and professional well-being of the employees.
Employee Growth Programme Employee Growth Programme
  Motivating employees through dynamic programmes
To ensure the continued progress of the company, GSFC offers strong and dynamic programmes designed to motivate all levels of employee towards greater performance.

To ensure practical knowledge levels are on par with GSFC’s standards, the company has a 2 years training period for all Graduate Engineering Trainees aspiring to be officers. A well-planned training programme ensures that all employees get benefits from the latest that the world has to offer.

Through these activities, GSFC empowers its employees to reach greater heights of productivity, verified by the fact that 50% of its managers in operations and management have been promoted from staff level.
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
Human Resources
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