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Green Initiatives


As a responsible corporate citizen, GSFC ensures to leave a legacy of clean and green environment to the future generations. Being already green, GSFC aspires for getting greener. With the objective of combating climate change, GSFC aligns its business objectives with practices of resource conservation and environment protection. GSFC is deeply committed to satisfy its social obligations and has made consistent and effective endeavors for creating better environmental conditions through abatement of pollution and adopting sustainable development practices. Regular technological initiatives are pressed into service with great vigor to improve and retain the purity of air, water and soil. GSFC's clean development mechanism (CDM) initiatives bear testimony to the drive to reduce greenhouse emissions. The first CDM project envisages use of waste gas from company's plants to manufacture Ammonia, thereby obviating the need for natural gas fuel for its production. It is a matter of pride that the technology for replacing the fossil fuel has been developed through in-house R&D efforts. Meanwhile, the second CDM initiative is for generating 152.8 MW green energy through a cluster of windmills. Some other green initiatives are:

Que. Concerted efforts towards achieving Zero pollution levels by investing substantial funds for preventing, minimizing, recycling/reusing of liquid effluents, gaseous emissions and hazardous solid wastes.
Que. Implementation of zero process effluent discharge system for Phosphoric group of plants.
Que. Installation of sophisticated air pollution devices like ESP, De-Nox unit, ECS, scrubbers and filters for abatement and recovery of gaseous pollutants.
Que. Adoption of new Technologies and up gradation in the existing process plants for energy and resource conservation and reduction of pollution potential.

Reuse of treated sewage for gardening and tree plantation purpose and recycling/reuse of process water within the plant to the extent possible, thereby conserving natural resource 'Water' to large extent.

Que. Continual Implementation of schemes for improved effluent treatment and disposal.
Que. Supporting Vadodara Enviro Channel Ltd (VECL) for promotion of 56 km long common effluent channel for discharge of effluents into the sea and ensuring cleaner environment in the region.
Que. Online round the clock monitoring of ambient air through four online Ambient Air Monitoring stations installed at the periphery of GSFC for efficient and better controls.
Que. Installation of SO2 and Ammonia gas detectors in various process plants for monitoring of gaseous emissions at source and subsequently better control and implementation of proactive corrections.
Que. For avoiding probability of leakages due to old age of lines, GSFC has rerouted and replaced the treated effluent disposal lines of about 7 km length from GSFC premise to Koyali outfall at the cost of @Rs. 15.5 crores.
Que. Environment training and awareness to employees and surrounding villages for joining hands in the noble cause of environment protection.
Que. Encapsulation of the chalk waste on 14 hectares of land and development of greenery on it.
Que. GSFC has always remained in forefront to make the company green & clean by Landscaping, development of large & beautiful gardens within the complex & in colony and massive Green belt in 105 Ha area (33% of the total land area).
Que. Development of a beautiful lotus pond with garden, ducks and natural landscaping within sulphuric acid plant area.
Que. Preserving a natural habitat for the national bird - Peacocks (can be seen roaming in the premises as well as in the colonies) speaking volumes about GSFC's concern for the environment.
Que. Development of many rain water harvesting systems like ponds, recharge wells, etc.
Que. Practicing QEHS policy to ensure safe working environment for the employees & affiliated people.
Que. GSFC has carried out assessment of Biodiversity in and around the premises through M/s. Gujarat Ecology Society (GES), Vadodara in the year 2011, which shows positive changes with respect to biodiversity. 
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives
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