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Fertilizernagar / DAP Unit at Sikka

DAP Unit at Sikka

  GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD. (SIKKA UNIT) was established as Coastal Di-Ammoniam Phosphate (DAP) plant at Motikhavdi village – 27 k.m. from Jamnagar on Jamnagar – Dwarka State Highway No. 25, and 10 km. from Sikka Port.
  Land Details
Area Measurement
Motikhavdi, Sikka & other surrounding villages 785.31 Acres
Land in Jamnagar for Naghedi Com.Hall 6.85 Acres
Total Land 792.16 Acres
  Raw-material & other basic requirements
Material Major Source
Phosphoric Acid Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa etc.
Ammonia Bahrain, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Sulphuric Acid GSFC, Vadodara.
FO RIL, Essar Oil Ltd.
Power Thermal Power Station, Sikka & GIPCL, Vadodara and Windmill.
  Plant Details
Name Of the Plant Capacity per Annum(MT) Year Of Commissioning Name of Contaractor Process Technology
Diammonium Phosphate  Train (A+B) 3,26,000 1986  M/s Hindustan Dorr-Oliver, Bombay. M/s Lurgi GmbH, West Germany.
Train C 3,96,000 2002 M/s. Udhe India Ltd. Incro Pipe Reactor Tech., Spain
  Storage facilities
Material At Sikka At Motikhavdi
Ammonia (at atmospheric pressure & temperature) 2 Tanks of 10,000 MT 1 Tank of 3,000 MT
1 Tank of 3,000 MT
Phosphoric Acid 3 Tanks of 10,000 MT 2 Tank of 5,000 MT
1 Tank of 10,000 MT
Sulphuric Acid - 3 Tanks of 750 MT
LSHS/ FO - 2 Tanks of 450 MT
Water - 2 Ponds of 20-lakh gallons capacity each
Silo (For storage of DAP) - 22,000 MT capacity
  Jetty Details
  4.5 km. away from Shore.
Maximum draft: 8 M., L.O.A.: 165 M. (however,Ships with 183 M. L.O.A are being berthed.)
  Banyan Tree plantation details
  GSFC Ltd. (SU) has carried out plantation of 55555 banyan trees, 3000 pipal trees and 1581 trees of bird feeding fruits apart from other trees like neem, babul, horticulture gardens etc., in all numbering more than 1.00 lakhs of trees covering an area of 250 Acres of land. Also five water ponds for birds’ re-habilitation have also been made in this green belt, which over a period of time will become a beautiful landscape.
  Process description of DAP/APS/ NPK manufacture
  The process involves production of saturated Ammonium Phosphate and Ammonium Sulphate by reaction of merchant grade Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acid as trimming agent for adjusting the final grade with Ammonia in pre-neutraliser or pipe reactor. This slurry having mole ratio (Ammonia: Phosphoric acid) 1.45 to1.50 and about 15 % water is brought in contact with the recycle material consisting of pulverized oversize, fines and dust generated being wetted particles together to form granules. Simultaneously further ammoniation up to required mole ratio for making DAP/APS is also carried out in the Ammoniator Granulator (AG). Addition of bentonite as filler is being carried out to help grade adjustment and potash in case of NPK production. The wet material leaving the AG is dried with hot air in a co-current rotary drier and screened to separate proper sized product from the oversize and fine material. The product is cooled with ambient air in a counter current rotary drum cooler and sent to Bagging Plant or Storage.
  Environment Details
  Substantial capital investment has been done for the Environment Protection in the form of equipment/technology and green belt development. All these will also have recurring expenditure for continued maintenance:
1 Equipment / Technology
i. Scrubbers
ii. Cyclones
iii. Venturies
iv. Continuous monitoring system for stack ammonia emission
2 Zero water effluent and no solid waste from Plant.
3 Mangrove plantation developed at Jetty in 100 hectares of land.
4 More than 1.00 lakh tree plantations, including Banyan Tree plantation carried out in around 250 Acres of land.
1 FAI Award for Productivity for Phosphatic Fertilizers for the year 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 2007-08, 2009-10 and merit award in 1996-97.
2 Gujarat Safety Council Award for working more than 1 million man-hours without any accident for the year 1990, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.
3 GSFC Ltd. (SU) is one of the pioneers of Mutual Aid Scheme amongst various surrounding industries and govt. agencies in Jamnagar to encounter any calamity in the district.
4 No Lost Time Accident since September 2007.
5 Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, BS EN 16001:2009 and Responsible Care from ICC.
6 Three star rating for British Safety Council.
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
A and B Train of DAP Plant   A and B Train of DAP Plant   C Train of DAP Plant
A and B Train of DAP Plant   A and B Train of DAP Plant   C Train of DAP Plant
C Train of DAP Plant   Banayan Tree Plantation   Banayan Tree Plantation
C Train of DAP Plant   Banayan Tree Plantation   Banayan Tree Plantation
Bunch of Banayan Plants   Mangrove Plantation    
Bunch of Banayan Plants   Mangrove Plantation    
DAP Unit at Sikka
 DAP Unit at Sikka
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