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Industrial Products / ISO 9001 Certified / Caprolactam


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  GSFC has two Caprolactam Plants having rated capacities of 20000 TPA and 50000 TPA. The main raw materials are Benzene, Oleum, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Synthesis Gas, Sulphur dioxide, Caustic soda and Sulphuric acid.
Specifications Specifications
No. Product Characteristics Test Method Guaranteed Specs.
01 Solidification Point (deg C) W : 43 : 700 Min. 68.8
02 Water Content(%) W:43:701 Max. 0.10
03 Content of Volatile Bases (meq/Kg) W:43:702 Max. 0.50
04 Content of Free-bases (meq/Kg)  W:43:703 Max. 0.10
Content of Free-Acid (meq/Kg)  W:43:703 Max. 0.05
05 Colour Number of 50% m/m aqueous solution (APHA) W:43:704 Max. 5.00
06 Permanganate No. (PN) in 1 % aq. Soln) (Seconds) W:43:705 Min.10000
07 Absorbance at 290 nm (50% Soln) W:43:706 Max. 0.05
08 Cyclohexanone oxime content (mg/Kg) W:43:707 Max.10.00
09 Iron Content (mg/Kg) W:43:709 Max.0.50
10 Water insoluble (mg/Kg) W:43:710 Max.10.00
Applications Applications
  Caprolactam is a base material for manufacture of Nylon-6. Its applications are in the manufacture of
Nylon-6 fibres for textile and tyre cord.
Moulding engineering components and other extrusion profiles.
Monomer castings.
Packing Packing
  25 Kg net sealed in low density polythylene inner bag with high density polythylene lined craft paper as outer cover.
Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza
Anhydrous Ammonia  l  Argon Gas  l  Caprolactam  l  Melamine  l  Methanol
Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime  l  Nylon-6  l  Oleum  l  Sulphuric Acid
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