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Jatropha Project at Patan Jatropha Project at Patan
  Renewable Bio-fuels have emerged as attractive alternatives to the finite fossil fuels and their spiraling prices. Based on reduced emission pollutants, higher safety and better combustion, Bio-Diesel from tree borne oils (like Jatropha and Pongamia) is superior over crude derived diesel and this has lead to acceptance of blending of Bio-Diesel in conventional diesel, world over. Bio-Diesel blended diesel has already been found suitable for Railways, heavy and small vehicles, engines and generators.
Jatropha Plantation   Jatropha Flowers   Jatropha Fruits
Jatropha Plantation   Jatropha Flowers   Jatropha Fruits
Maturing Jatropha Fruits   Jatropha Seeds    
Maturing Jatropha Fruits   Jatropha Seeds    
  Jatropha cultivation in India for Bio-diesel has been undertaken mostly in un-organized manner, and there are no defined plant varieties or model cultivation practices that can be used as by farmers. Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC), Vadodara, therefore, has planned a project to develop a Model Farm for Jatropha leading to establishment of cultivation practices with selected Jatropha clones with around 35% oil content, low in free fatty acids, giving yields of 8-10 T per Ha equivalent to 2.7 to 3.0 T Jatropha oil per Ha within 5-6 years of plantation. Micro irrigation and inter cropping with Medicinal / herbal / commercial / vegetable crops shall be additional steps to optimize the Farm income.
GSFC'S Plants GSFC'S Plants
Sourcing of Jatropha selections from 4-5 different Agro-climatic Zones,
Nursery raising, cuttings as planting material & transplantation parameters
Utilization of different inter-cropping systems for optimization of Farm income
Utilization of different irrigation management techniques including drip
Utilization of different integrated nutrient management inputs
Utilization of different integrated pest management inputs
Standardization of Seed harvesting, drying and storage
Standardization of oil extrusion & conversion of oil to Bio-Diesel through Pilot Trials
Actions Initiated Actions Initiated
Lease, Survey, Leveling and Fencing of Land under progress
Purchase of High Quality Planting material from renowned sources like TERI
Setting up of Drip Irrigation System in the entire area through Gujarat Green Revolution Company (GGRC) approved Drip Irrigation suppliers.
Crop care & cultivation management Agencies identified.
Planning for Establishment of Pilot unit for oil extrusion & Bio-Diesel production, based on Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar / Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand / Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi Collaborative Pilot Demonstration Plant at GSFC Vadodara
Expected Earnings from Proposed Farming Expected Earnings from Proposed Farming
  The expected earnings from the proposed farm of Jatropha inter cropped with herbal / commercial / routine commercial crops will be comparable with the earnings from normal agricultural crops in cultivable lands. The internal rate of returns is likely to be around 21% with likely payback period as six years.
Derivables Derivables
  Successful demonstration of the proposed Model at GSFC’s Jatropha Project at Patan shall provide a commercially attractive possibility / choice to Gujarat farmer to cultivate Jatropha as a regular agricultural crop even in cultivable lands. The Project will establish and magnify the potential of Jatropha cultivation as a sustainable crop providing Bio-Diesel a replacement for fast depleting fossil fuels.
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