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Agro Products / Bio-Fertilizers

Liquid Bio-Fertilizers

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Nitrogen & Phosphorous are two major nutrients for plant growth which are provided through Chemical Fertilizers or Organic Manure. Certain soil microorganisms have an ability to fix part of elementary form of atmospheric nitrogen to the available form for the plants and / or solubilize part of the bound phosphates of the soil and thereby make them available to the plant which increases fertility of the soil and yield. These characteristics make them useful as Biofertilizers.


Thus, the Biofertilizers are the 'Live Fertilizers' of biological origin. GSFC is one of the leading manufacturers of Biofertilizers since 1984. GSFC's Biofertilizers are available under the brand name of 'Sardar Biofertilizers'.


With the expanding horizon of science, GSFC envisage demand of time and decided to switch over from carrier based Biofertilizers and put 'Liquid Biofertilizers' in the service of farming community with the proven production technology from Anand Agricultural University, Anand. The manufacturing of Liquid Biofertilizers will be undertaken shortly under the brand name of 'Sardar'.


Initially following 3 products of Sardar Liquid Biofertilizers would be available

  1. Azotobacter (for Cereals, Cash Crops, Horticultural Crops)
  2. Azopirillum (for Cereals, Cash Crops, Horticultural Crops)
  3.  Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (for all Crops) 


Advantages of Biofertilizers in general Advantages of Biofertilizers in general
  1. Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
  2. Higher Shelf-life
  3. Higher bacterial count
  4. Add nutrients to the soil / make them available to the crop & secret certain growth promoting substances.
  5. Help the proliferation and survival of beneficial microorganisms in soil.
  6. Under certain conditions it exhibit anti-fungal activity and thereby protect the plant from pathogenic fungus.
  7. Increase soil fertility and crop production.
  8. Varied application methods including Drip Irrigation.
   Packing.. 500 ml & 1 ltr.
Biotech Product
Biotech Product
Biotech Product
Biotech Product
Biotech Product
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