Anone-Anol Mixture
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Industrial Products / Other Products / Anone-Anol Mixture

Anone-Anol Mixture

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  Cyclohexanone - Cyclohexanol Mixture (Anone - Anol Mixture) is an intermediate product of the Caprolactam Plant.
Specifications Specifications
Cyclohexanone 5-25%  by wt.
Cyclohexanol 70-84% by wt.
Other organic compounds   (Alcohols, Esters etc.)  4-10% by wt.
Water 1-0%  by wt.
Purity (as Cyclohexanol + Cyclohexanone) 87-93% by wt.
Applications Applications
. Most important use is as an intermediate in the production of Adipic Acid which can be employed in the manufacture of Nylon-6,6 a polymer of adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine.
. It is also used as an intermediate in the production of Caprolactam, (CH2)5CONH, which has its application in the manufacture of Nylon-6 polymer.
. Another major use is in manufacture of ester for the use of plasticizers like Cyclohexyl and Di-cyclohexyl phthalates.
. Used as stabilizers for soaps and synthetic detergents and emulsions.
. Used as dye solvent and kierbelling assistant for textile industry.
. Used as solvent in paint, varnish and other chemical industries.
Packing Packing
  Mild steel drums of capacity of 200 litres or in customer's mild steel road tankers.
Anone-Anol Mixture
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