Acetone Cyanohydrine - ACH (Gujach)
Acetone Cyanohydrine - ACH (Gujach)

Acetone Cyanohydrine - ACH (Gujach)

Acetone Cyanohydrine - ACH (Gujach)

GUJACH (Acetone Cyanohydrine) is a colourless, highly toxic and hazardous liquid which can cause damage to human life. Its poisoning symptoms in case of absorption through skin come slower than those of HCN.


Chemical Formula (CH3)2C(OH)CN
Molecular Weight 85.11
Appearance Clear to pale to yellow
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.930-0.935
Purity 98.0 Min.
Water % 0.3 Max.
Free Cyanide % 0.1 Max.
Boiling Point °C 77 (20mm Hg) (decomposes by heating at>120°C giving HCN)
Flash Point °C 74
Ignition Point °C 690
Melting Point °C -19
Vapour Density AIR =1 2.93
Toxicity LD 50 inhalation - 15 mg./hr. Ingestion cat-17 mg./kg. Toxic by inhalation ingestion and absorption
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  • Preparation of methacrylic acid and its esters.
  • To prepare ethyl hydroxy-isobuty rate a pharmaceutical intermediate.
  • For manufacturing of azobisisobutyro-nitrile (AIBN), a very useful catalyst for vinyl polymerization.
  • ACH can be hydrogenerated in methanolic acetate acid in the presence of cobalt or silica gel to give predominantly -B-hydroxy- Isobuty/amine with liquid secondary and tertiary amine by-products.

185 kg. HM-HDPE barrels.

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